The PR Network

What We Did 

Web Design
Logo Design
Branded Stationery
Email Marketing


The PR Network is the world’s leading virtual PR agency. They utilise the best independent freelance PR, digital, content, marketing and internal comms consultants from around the world, covering every sector, and help clients to make their PR and marketing budgets work harder. We had been fortunate enough to help them out on numerous projects including their website, logo and branding whilst also enabling them to create email campaigns using our email marketing system.

How The Project Was Received

“We have been working with Studio Kudos since 2008 on a range of projects from project management, brand identity and web design. We have used them personally to design our new logo, stationary and website and have also worked on a number of client projects from brochure design and build, micro sites and mailers.

Studio Kudos makes an ideal partner for our business as they understand the changing nature of the comms industry and are flexible and able to respond to ever decreasing deadlines. They understand the complexities and sensitivities involved with the design work we handle and are skilled at client services - often diffusing tense situations with multiple client stakeholders involved in the project.

One of the factors I think that helps them stand out from others in their field is that they are adept at capturing a company's culture or the essence of a project - something that it's often hard to capture in a briefing document! They have a great sense of humour, are incredibly creative and fun to work with - all of which is evident throughout everything they do.”

George BlizzardThe PR Network