We are a creative design agency working from Dorset since 2008


How soon can you start my project?

Generally, we can start on your project straight away. We have a team of creative web and graphic designers that we will assign to your project. If you’d like to discuss your requirements then please contact us.

What can I expect from start to finish?

Every project is different, but the basic procedure is as folows:

  1. Firstly we’ll chat so that we can establish your requirements
  2. We’ll provide you with a detailed and itemised quote
  3. Once the quote is approved we will collect a deposit
  4. We start your project and complete within the agreed timeframe
  5. We provide your finished project for review
  6. We will carry out any revisions that may be required
  7. Your remaining balance is paid
  8. The final files/design/product are delivered

When will my project be ready?

Every project is different, but time frames can range from a few days to a few weeks. Some large projects can even take months. We try to be as flexible as possible when accommodating client deadlines and your particular project timeline will be discussed and then outlined during the quote.

What will I receive once the project is finished?

For logo designs, we will provide you with the native Illustrator files, which are vector and industry standard. Depending on your needs, we can also create .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, and .pdf files.

For print creations, we provide print-ready .pdf files, or we can work directly with the printer to oversea the print job. We have quality and competitively priced printers that we work with frequently so please feel free to ask us if you require a print quote.

For websites, we will provide you with your own login credentials so that you can make amendments and alterations to your site. We can also provide access to the web server which contains all of the files used for the site.

Why do you require a deposit?

Most companies require a deposit or down payment before starting a project, for several reasons:

Firstly, having some type of monetary investment in the design process is a good motivator for the client to be involved and see the project through to completion. It usually demonstrates a sense of seriousness and dedication by the client.

Secondly, it helps divide up the cost into more manageable sizes for the client.

Thirdly, if the client’s circumstances change and they no longer require the project to be completed, the company isn’t at a total loss for work they’ve completed.

And lastly, the company usually has upfront project costs that need to be met and since some projects can take weeks or even months, this means the company does not have to absorb this cost for lengthy periods.

Do you have any Terms & Conditions?

Yes; Our Terms and Conditions act as a written agreement between us and the client. They are a simple way to lay out expectations and responsibilities at the very beginning of the project; this way there are no surprises down the road for either party. When accepting a quote or estimate you will be accepting our Terms and Conditions. You can view our Terms and Conditions here.

What about Copyright?

Copyright protects any kind of artwork, including illustrations, photographs and graphic design. Under UK Copyright law, the designer automatically owns all rights to the work they do. This obviously isn’t always practical for our clients so we normally transfer certain rights over to enable them to use our designs freely:

For logo designs; All copyright is transferred over to the client and they are able to do what they like with the logo and use if for any use without any repercussions. We provide our clients with the native Illustrator files which means editing is made possible.

For websites; The very nature of a website means it must be updated and edited, so again all copyright is transferred over to the client and they are free to make as many changes as required. There may however be images used within the website from a stock library; these images and their copyright remain with the original photographer / artist and cannot be used for any other medium without first obtaining a specific license to do so.

For print design: We normally maintain the rights to any print design work we carry out. Whilst we grant our clients the rights to print, distribute and show their printed material, we don’t normally provide the native Illustrator files, which makes editing possible. A good analogy is when you purchase a music track, you purchase the finished song in its entirety. You don’t get access to all of the stems that make up the song, as this could enable you to create an entirely different song using the artists music. Likewise, a graphic designer uses an accumulation of elements to provide you with the finished product and it is the finished product for which you are charged. By providing you with the native files we would therefore be providing you with the tools to ‘remix’ your design and thus use our creativity and experience to do with as you wish, either by yourselves or by use of another designer. To take this analogy further; obviously songs are ‘re-mixed’, but the artist remixing or sampling part of the original song has to pay the original composer for the ability to be able to do this. Likewise, if the original design files are actually required by the client they can be bought for a fee.

We can provide advice on any copyright matter, so just ask if you need anything clarified! Detailed information about copyright can be found in our Terms & Conditions.